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Agile Methods Executive Workshop

Enterprises understand that agility supports their fast orientation toward valuable market opportunities. An agile way of working can improve the performance of organizations across the enterprise and focus them to execute the strategy. Agile teams can support effective risk management and create flexibility because they experiment and validate benefits before the business commits to invest in new initiatives. This 3-hour interactive workshop was specially designed to facilitate a focused discussion with high-level managers. 

Indicative Agenda

  • Make Agile Decisions 
    •     Introduction to agile methods
    •     Agile principles 
    •     Agile decision filter
    •     Turn the enterprise strategy into agile initiatives
  • Get the best value from product development with Scrum
    •     Scrum in a nutshell
    •     Organize Scrum teams 
    •     Make use of Scrum
  • Achieve (high) agile maturity with Kanban
    •     Kanban in a nutshell
    •     Evolve organizational maturity with Kanban
    •     Make use of Kanban