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Featureban Simulation

What are the Learning Objectives?

By applying essential Kanban practices, the participants in this workshop will understand and will be able to explain how to achieve:


  • Shorter lead time to develop products and services as a team 
  • Realistic estimations 
  • Strengthen the culture of collaboration and process improvement within the team


Price per three-hour team session 2110 BGN (1075 Euro) VAT not included. Book at or +359888919088.


How does it work?

This simple simulation facilitates simplistic experimental learning among a team of 3-5 participants. The simulation on the Mike Burrows Featureban game. It features six rounds of five simulation days each. The team starts with working "business as usual in a push mode" and observing the consequences of working without clear flow and customer-oriented policies. After a reflection, they define concrete actions and gradually transform into a Kanban team working in a "pull system" with WIP limits and relevant flow-oriented policies. Participants, guided by knowledgeable facilitators, "experience by doing" the critical Kanban practices such as visualization of workflow, the introduction of WIP limits, conducting team Kanban and retrospective meetings interpreting of Cumulative Flow Diagram and Scatterplot Charts, dealing with variability in the context of planning and organizing work and others. 
In addition, they experience a change in the habits and behaviors of the team member—namely, greater collaboration, knowledge sharing, and focus on finishing the work.
The team runs the simulation on fully operational software, the leading Kanban platform Kanbanize. As a result of the simulation, the participants discover how Kanban can support effective workflow management on a team level and are curious to learn in-depth Kanban practices. 

Who should participate?

The workshop is beneficial for various roles in the organization, such as team members, project managers, product owners, developers, and any other team-related role. No previous Kanban/flow training or experience is required.

What is the simulation format?

An experience Kanban professional, coach, or consultant leads the simulation and answers the participants' questions.

  • Three to five participants play as a team online at a specially configured Kanbanize instance
  • In three hours, the participants play between 20 and 30 simulation days, conducting four to six review meetings. 
  • In three to five extended review meetings, an experienced Kanban coach facilitate in-depth discussions about applying Kanban and workflow practices. 


About the Facilitator

Ivaylo Gueorguiev, Accredited Kanban Trainer and Accredited Kanban Consultant @ Kanban University, will deliver the session. Ivaylo is an agile coach, trainer, and process improvement professional with 20  years of experience working with international software development companies, Fintechs, and banks to get better projects, products, and business results through agile practices and effective processes. Find more info at


Ivaylo Gueorguiev, AKC|AKT, and Violeta Kyurdyan, KMP, created the simulation @ Kanbanize based on the original Featurban game developed by Mike Burrows. Thank you to the Kanbanize team for their contribution and support!