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Join Us for a Free Pilot Trainings On Project Management and Entrepreneurship In May 2023!

If you are curious to learn the fundamentals of project management and entrepreneurship through examples and interactive exercises, we are happy to invite you to join us for the free pilot courses for university students in May 2023, with the following agenda:


Project Management Course (May 22-23, 2023, 08:30 - 13:45 CET). To enrol in the Project Management course, click here. Within the Project Management Course, you will learn:


Cybersecurity Courses in October-November 2022

As part of the activities dedicated to the European Cyber Security Month (ESCM), CyResLab @ ESI CEE is excited to announce five security courses in October and November 2022. The courses are designed for SME software developers, designers, application and system engineers. For more information, or to confirm your interest, contact us at office (at) esicenter (dot) bg.

The Competition for the 2022 John Atanasoff Award Has Been Launched

The competition for the 2022 John Atanasoff Award, an initiative of the President of the Republic of Bulgaria, has been launched! The 20th edition of the John Atanasoff Presidential Award initiative was launched in early July this year. The competition, which is held annually, is named after the world-famous inventor of Bulgarian origin John Atanasoff, one of the creators of the first electronic digital computer with regenerative memory.


Boosting the technical and non-technical skills and competences of smart cities technicians and engineers - SMACITE

Smart cities are not only a trend but a necessity of the modern world, as well as the key to the future. To speed up the creation of Smart Cities and embrace the related technology-enabled infrastructures, the required skills must be developed. Companies should be given incentives to train their personnel by setting up public training programmes and encouraging collaboration with academia and industry.

Agendashift Delivery Workshop – Compact Edition

Delivery Assessment Survey

Objective: Inform the relevant stakeholders about the culture of leadership and flow values of  the teams and relevant stakeholders.
Deliverable: Survey report in text or slide format