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ESI Center Eastern Europe / Bulgaria is the regional Eastern European Center of the European Software Institute

ESI Center Eastern Europe / Bulgaria is your partner in modelling and improvement of integrated processes, strategic management, software engineering and quality management.

Customised Approach

Our world recognised experts team up with your organisation to design customised roadmaps for process improvement in: software development and ICT companies, high-tech enabled manufacturing and telecommuications, banks and insurance organisations, defense and security sector, pubic administration.

1 Jul 2014 , CryptoBG*2014
CryptoBG*2014 International Summer School
CryptoBG*2014 Summer School Bridge Theory to Practice: Cryptology and Cyber Resilience
20 -27 July 2014 (Sunday-Sunday), “National Institute of Education”, Oriahovitza, Bulgaria

For more information about CryptoBG*2014, please visit the website of the summer school.

To prepare the researchers and IT practitioners for the digital security and resilience ...   read

20 Apr 2014 , ESI CEE
Society and Work Inclusion Technologies for Children and Youths with ASD
Disabled people in Bulgaria are more vulnerable to poverty and isolation than any other social group. Less than 10% of people with disabilities are employed or/ and involved in educational and training activities. People with disabilities are working mainly in sheltered or supported environment. For comparison, the average percentage of employed people with disabilities in the EU is between 40 and 50%.
A number of global IT companies have included autistic persons in diverse project teams,...   read

15 Apr 2014 , ESI CEE
SEMP: Software Engineering Management Program

Project implemented by European Software Institute – Center Eastern Europe
Funded by: USAID (Bulgaria) and America for Bulgaria Foundation
In partnership with: Carnegie Mellon University (SCS, SEI), Sofia University (Faculty of Mathematics and Informatics), Technical University Sofia, New Bulgarian University, American University in Bulgaria, and other leading Bulgarian Universities.

Challenging ...   read

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